Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics for gut flora, digestive health, occasional diarrhea & bowel support-Clinically Studied Strains-Functional dog supplements for improved immune system.

Functional Supplements to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Why healthy gut microbiota is vital to dogs' health.

The dog intestinal microbiota plays an important role in the development of lymphoid tissues associated with intestine, which are responsible for a functional immunological system. Data from Clinical trials support that imbalanced intestinal microbiota can result in acute and chronic diseases in dogs.  Probiotics and prebiotics blend formula in combination with microbiome testing at Pawomics can monitor, promote the growth of beneficial gut microbiota and restore the balance belong to specific dogs. 

Recommended by Veterinary Doctors. 

The most specific probiotics formula based on

Genome and Microbiome Sciences in dogs.